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Srixon Z355 Irons Review – Is It Really a Quality Set?

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If you take golfing seriously, you know that much of your ability comes from the quality of your gear. Due to an exceptional level of power, comfort, and Tour V.T. soles, the Srixon Z355 Irons are a great set to add to your golfing bag.

The Srixon Z355 is considered as the best iron which takes advantage of Action Mass Technology, giving them a powerful head. This balances out well with the weights of the handle and the shaft to concentrate lots of power in each swing.

Purchasing a new set of irons is not an easy process. When we compare the specifications of this iron set with some of the other popular sets, it is easy to see why these irons are a great option to consider.

If you want to find the best iron set to add to your golfing bag, this is a good product to start your search with. Below, we will break down everything that you need to know about these irons.

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Srixon Z355 Iron Specs

  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Number of Irons: 4
  • Material: Steel or Graphite
  • Sole: Tour V.T.
  • Hand orientation: Right

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There are lots of great irons on the market for you to consider while shopping around. Since this is a Srixon Z355 Iron review, let’s go ahead and focus more back on this iron set.

Srixon Z355 Iron Features

If you want to make an informed decision and get the best iron set for your needs, you need to consider the features of your options carefully. Here is a better look into the exact features offered by the Srixon Z355. Keep these features in mind and compare them with any other iron sets you have on your radar.

Large Sweet Spot: These irons have a larger face than an average set of cheap clubs. This helps provide a large sweet spot to help you hit your balls in the right spot more often.

Although the large sweet spot can increase your potential of success with each shot, your personal skills will still be important!

Sturdy Construction: You can purchase this set of irons in either graphite or steel. Realistically, this doesn’t impact the durability of the irons that much.

Both of these construction types are very durable and high-quality. Usually, it is a matter of personal opinion as to which material type is better.

Action Mass Technology: These irons have Action Mass technology equipped. In other words, they have a heavier head that balances well with the shaft and handle allowing the user to make deadly impact strength.

This helps you both naturally hit the ball further and more accurately.

Tour V.T. Sole: One of the features which really stands out with this model is the sole design. Unlike many irons that have a flat sole, these irons are designed to help you get under the ball more easily.

Even with the presence of turf and grass, the sole of these clubs is designed to help you best position your swing each time.

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What Makes the Srixon Z355 Iron So Awesome

After looking through the features described above, it is easy to see why this is a high-quality set of golf irons. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider buying this set.

  • Sole-Turf Interaction – The sole of these clubs has a very unique design that helps the user to get under the ball and make powerful contact with each hit. These are known at Tour V.T. soles. If you have been fed up with flat sole irons, this is a great set for you to start using.
  • Grip and Hand Protection – More than likely, people who purchase a high-quality iron set like this one will have gloves ready to use. However, this model also has an excellent grip on the handles for both comfort and protection.
  • All Included Irons – Although this set doesn’t come with things like a putter and driver, all the of the traditional iron sizes are included. This will help you get used to using the same design each time you break out your irons, and also to minimize errors.

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How to Use the Srixon Z355 Iron

Using the Srixon Z355 Iron Set is much like using any other set of golf irons. Unless you are a beginner golfer, learning how to use your new iron set should be very easy. Regardless, here are tips to help you succeed with your new set of Srixon Z355 Irons.

1. Observe Your Shot and Select the Proper Iron

Depending on your distance to hole, how much height you need, and so on, you need to start by carefully selecting which iron to use. This is a skill that needs to be developed over time and can be hard for a beginner. With practice, you will soon be able to do this without thinking.

 Also, consider buying golf ball retrievers so you don’t have to look for your balls around the golf course.

2. Line up Your Legs with the Ball in the Middle

While lining up for your shot, place your feet about shoulder-width apart. The ball should be in the middle of where your feet are placed. Doing this will help you both keep your shots straight and to perfect your swing as a whole.

3. Be Careful Not to Swing too Hard

One of the main myths which exist in the golfing game is that power comes from the strength of your swing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of the power that you need from your swings comes from proper technique. If you swing too hard, it often has the opposite effect that you had planned for. ( Find more swings and hitting tips here.)

User Feedback & Reviews: What People Said About Srixon Z355 Iron

Before you purchase a new set of irons, it is generally a good idea to look at the experiences and opinions of people who purchased them before you. To make things easier for you, we have compiled the main user complaints and the most common praises. If you are still on the fence deciding if you want these irons, these might be helpful for you.

You Most Common Complaints

  • Aesthetics: These irons don’t have any sort of special design or aesthetics. Realistically, they look just like your average set of irons. For this reason, peopled who wanted nicer aesthetics have purchased other iron sets in the past.
  • No driver and putter: If you were hoping to get a full set of clubs which includes things like wedges, a putter, and a driver, this is not the right option for you. You will need to purchase all these things separately.

Most Common Praises

  • Four included irons: This set comes with four different irons. Each of them upholds the same standard of quality and has the same design. When using these irons, you will quickly establish muscle memory that doesn’t need to change when using a different iron size.
  • Power of the sweet spot: The larger-than-average face of these irons helps the user to hit right on the sweet spot more routinely. If you have struggled to find the sweet spot in the past, this set might help you develop your skills.
  • Affordability: Golfing iron sets can be really expensive. Especially if they are high-quality irons like the ones we find here. Compared to other premium iron sets, though, these ones come at a very reasonable price

How Much Does Srixon Z355 Iron Cost?

In order to get a high-quality set of golf irons, the most important thing to consider is your budget limitations, if there are any. Premium iron sets like this one tend to be priced around at least $750 for the set.

Realistically though, this is a very reasonable price when we match it up with some of the other popular golfing iron sets on the market.

High-Quality Iron Set with Action Mass Technology and Lots of Power

If you want a high-quality iron set that comes with a large sweet spot and Action Mass Technology to provide lots of power, this is a great option to consider.

With four pieces included, all that you will need are your wedges, a putter, and a nice driver to go to the course.

In any case, those who want one of the best golfing iron sets should start your search with the Srixon Z355 Iron Set.

If you are looking for an additional Srixon Z series, please check our review on Srixon Z545 series.

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