Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor Review: Maybe The Best Yet From Husky?

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The Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor is an incredibly useful piece of equipment. It not only inflates tires but can also power a range of tools. It performs the task much more economically than electric power tools.

It is a cast-iron vertical unit that does not take up much floor space in the workshop. Along with it, the compressor also has a full cast iron pump. The iron pump is quite easy to operate and well- made. The Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor comes in at the lower end of the price range.

Another pleasant thing about this compressor is that it operates quietly. The product comes with a lot of features that are usually only available in more expensive compressors.

Husky manufactures its products under license. It is well supported with after-sales spares and services. Besides that, the Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor comes with a generous two-year warranty. Below we discuss more of its specifications.


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Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor Specs

  • Horsepower (HP): 3.2
  • Number of Cylinders: 2
  • Voltage 230 / 240 Volts, 15 Amps Length 20 In.60 Hz, 1 Phase
  • Air Delivery @ 90 psi 10.2 SCFM
  • Air Delivery @ 40 psi 11.5 SCFM
  • Air Pressure: 135 psi
  • Tank Outlet Size 3/4 NPT
  • Oil Capacity: Approximately 8.5 ounces
  • Length: 20 In.
  • Width: 20 In.
  • Height: 66.5 In.
  • Shipping Weight: 255 pounds

Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor Options Available

There are a number of different air compressors; they all come in different sizes and shapes. They have quite different prices too. Let us compare some of the alternatives to this product available in the market.

Product Title
Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor
29 x 72 x 33 In.
255 Pounds
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DeWalt DXCMLA3706056 60-Gallon Stationary Air Compressor
30 x 24 x 68 In.
247 Pounds
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Industrial Air ILA4546065 60-Gallon Hi-Flo Single Stage Cast Iron Three Cylinder Air Compressor
64 x 27 x 16 In.
250 Pounds
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Industrial Air ILA3606056 60-Gallon Single Stage Cast Iron Twin Cylinder Air Compressor
23.5 x 26.5 x 69 In.
247 Pounds
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However, in this guide, our focus will only be on the Husky 60 Gallon Air Compressor model.

Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor Features

  • Single Phase Compressor: The single-phase compressor has a complete cast-iron twin-cylinder pump.
  • Oil Lubricated Pump: Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor has an oil-lubricated pump. That makes it reliable and easy to use.
  • 82 dB Rating: Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor has a dB rating of 82, which is why it is safe for your ears.
  • Oil Filter Included: The product contains an oil filter. It is shipped, filled with synthetic oil. That is the best option as it extends pump life.
  • 7 Horsepower: Its heavy-duty induction motor weighs in at 3.7 horsepower. Thus, it provides plenty of air for multiple air tools in a home or commercial workshop.
  • 155 PSI: Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor runs at a maximum pressure of 155 PSI.

What Makes the Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor So Awesome?

Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor comes up to be one of the best models from the Husky company. Below we discuss some more of its remarkable characteristics.

  • Easy to Read: This compressor has large pressure gauges that are easy to read. Also, the Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor has an on/off switch. They maintain control of run times better.
  • Durable: Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor lasts long and is quite durable.
  • Quieter and Cooler: It is 35% quieter and 60% cooler than aluminum pumps that are sleeved in cast iron.
  • Maximum Protection: Its quiet belt-driven motor has a combined belt guard for maximum protection. The compressor’s motor is protected from damage caused by overheating because it has a thermal overload switch. The switch cuts-off if the temperature reaches a pre-set maximum range.
  • 2 Years Warranty: This incredible compressor comes with a generous warranty of two years.

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How to Install the Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor

After you have decided where you will place the compressor where it’s easy to reach, you will have to set the compressor on isolator pads. It is for the compressor’s stability and to minimize noise from vibrations.

To ensure if clean air is being dispensed, you can screw in the air filter to the side of the compressor. Moreover, if your compressor is electrically powered, you must select a power outlet before you can activate any tools you want to use.

Consider connecting the air hose before use. To get the limit you need and still avoid voltage dropouts, we would recommend using hose extensions rather than power extensions. After that, you can plug in any tools you need to use.

Do not forget to check the oil levels before use. When the compressor is switched on, the tank fills with air automatically to its maximum capacity. It switches off till you start using the supply. After that, it will refill if required.

User Feedback and Reviews

Before you go to buy this fantastic compressor, read the following facts about it.

Most Common Complaints

  • License Concern: This product has been made under license. If you want to know the factory of origin, this will be a concern for you.
  • Does Not Come with a Cord: Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor does not come with a cord. You will have to buy a cord in accordance with the outlet pattern of the plug and electrical requirements.

Most Common Praises

  • Inexpensive: Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor is not a very expensive compressor. However, it includes the functions available in costly compressors.
  • Less Noisy: It has 82 dB noise rating.

How Much Does the Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor Cost?

Husky is one of the most reliable brands. Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor is a powerful machine at a very reasonable cost.

The 3.7 horsepower motor ensures that the airflow needs of your workshop are sufficiently met. You can even use several inflated tools at the same time with this compressor.

All the required controls are in place with thermal shutoff and on/off controls. Due to the large gauges, you can quickly see the pressure in the tank and the output pressure.

With all those brilliant characteristics, you can get this compressor around $750.

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Warranty & User Manual

The compressor is capable of repairing the compressed air requirements of several inflated tools operating at the same time. Therefore, it is a fantastic product for the small to medium-sized industrial or DIY workshop.

Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor comes with a generous two years warranty. The pack includes a complete user manual. Remember to read it all before you use this machine.

Why Buy the Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor?

The Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor has a powerful 3.2 HP motor with the ability to provide air to multiple power tools. It has a sleek and traditional design.

Moreover, with a maximum pressure of 135 PSI, the Husky air compressor offers a quality-performance. The Husky 60-Gallon Air Compressor is made for extreme durability and has a space-saving vertical design.

It is thus perfect for your garage, home, or workshop. Additionally, the compressor has a protective belt guard for enhanced protection.

The tank is made to include high-quality gauges and durable steel. These gauges are extra-large and easy to read. They also make it simple to control the pressure being delivered to your devices.

This air compressor comes with an adjustable automotive-style air filter for the best results. It is over 35% quieter and 60 degrees cooler than aluminum pumps with cast iron sleeves.

The Husky 60-Gallon Air Compress is perfect to use for various purposes, such as stapling, bolting, blow cleaning, sanding, airbrushing, and nailing.

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