Easton S750 Review – Possibly The Best Baseball Bat This Season?

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A great youth-sized baseball bat with all the strength and power you need to fine-tune your batting skills and prepare for the season. It’s important to shop around and find one with the right barrel size, weight, and other special features necessary for success.

The Easton S750 is one of the most popular youth baseball bats due to its nice barrel diameter, strong sweet spot, and its lightweight.

This is a great baseball bat for budding sluggers since it offers a great deal of protection to your hands. In addition, a nice sweet spot for hitting home runs, and the right barrel diameter.

This model weighs only 20 ounces and has a -10-drop weight. The barrel diameter is 2 5/8 inches. There is also the hyper skin grip, making the batter much less prone to blisters and pain from bat-to-ball contact.

On this page, we will break down everything that you need to know about the Easton S750 so that you can decide if this model is right for you.

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Easton S750 Specs

The Easton S750 has the following specifications

  • Weight (lb.):  20 ounces
  • Drop weight: -10
  • Barrel Type: HMX Alloy
  • Barrel diameter: 2 5/8“
  • Swing Weight: Balanced
  • Age: Youth
  • Grip: 1.44 mm hyperskin

Easton’s Models Available

Here are some of the top alternatives of the Easton S750.

Product Title
Barrel Size
Special Feature(s)
Ghost X-10
2 5/8“
Two-Piece Exact Carbon Design
1.8 lbs
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Ghost X
2 5/8“
X Tended Large Sweet Spot
1.5 lbs
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Ghost X-3
2 5/8“
Two-Piece Exact Carbon Design
2.2 lbs
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Project 3 Alpha
2 5/8“
Lizard Skin DSP bat grip
2.4 lbs
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The review is specifically about the Easton S750. Therefore, let’s focus a little more on this model.

Easton S750 Features

This youth baseball bat is great for those who need a bat to learn on before moving up to bigger and better options. Coming with a nice grip, a sweet spot for hitting home runs, and standard youth-barrel size, this is a great model for both recreational and competitive play.

Let’s go ahead and take a more in-depth look at the features of this bat.

Comfortable Grip: The grip on a baseball bat is important since this helps eliminate much of the sting that happens when you make rough contact with the ball. Since you can’t hit the sweet spot every time, it helps to have 1.44 HYPERSKIN grip like what we see on this model.

Nice Sweet Spot: The sweet spot is the location on the bat where the ball can be knocked out of the park. When the ball makes contact with the bat on the large sweet spot of the Easton S750, it holds a high-level of power which we don’t find in many other models. If you want a bat with a sweet spot capable of home runs, this is a great choice.

Perfect Barrel Size: This model has a 2 5/8“barrel size which is perfect for competitive play and recreational practice. You can use this bat for Little League games, batting practice, swinging practice, and so on. Best of all, you won’t encounter any problems with the bat barrel being larger than what rules allow you to have.

Youth Size: Youth bats are different from professional bats in that they are made from metal. If you make to the Major League, or into certain competitive leagues you will need to use a wooden bat. Before this time arrives, using a youth bat that is a little larger-than-average like this one will best set you up for growth and success.

What Makes the Easton S750 So Awesome

As we can see, the Easton S750 is a really high-quality youth bat. Here are a few more reasons why this model is heavily worth considering.

  • Lots of Power – If the bat is constructed improperly, it is naturally a lot harder to make contact on the sweet spot. This bat masterfully places the sweet spot in the most natural position for the ball to make contact.
  • Grip and Hand Protection – Even with batting gloves it can be hard to avoid blisters and pain from batting. For this reason, the grip of this bat is really impressive.
  • Lightweight – In order to swing a bat quickly, it needs to be light enough for the user. Heavier bats don’t guarantee a greater chance of knocking a ball out of the park.

How to Use the Easton S750

Using a baseball bat is an art form. As such, it isn’t an overnight process to turn into a good batter. However, here are three tips to get you started using your Easton S750.

1. Line Up Legs Shoulder Width Apart

When getting into stance, it is recommended by many professional batters that you put your feet at shoulder-width apart. Make sure your toes also align with each other. This is a good starting position.

2 Shift Hips Back While Pitch is Thrown

When the pitcher is starting to throw the ball, it is time to start getting yourself ready. In order to mimic the action of a slingshot with your body, prepare for the ball by shifting your hips back in preparation for the swing.

3. Swing with Your Eye on the Ball

Once you have your hips cocked back and in position to hit the ball, it is now time to make contact. Keep your eye on the ball and swing the bat so that the ball hits right on the sweet spot!

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User Feedback & Reviews

The Easton S750 is still pretty new to the global market. This model was only released in 2018. As such, there is still a lot of room available for feedback from the community.

To help you decide if this is the right model for your needs, let’s go ahead and look at some of the feedback that has been left so far.

You Most Common Complaints

  • Availability: This is a rather popular baseball bat. As such, it is common for this product to sell out and/or have a limited supply. If you check the pricing page only to see that the item isn’t available, don’t be too surprised.
  • A Little Small: If you are an adult batter, a youth-sized bat like this one simply won’t suit your needs. It is common for people to mistake models like this as adult bats.

Most Common Praises

  • Hyperskin Grip: The hyperskin grip of this bat helps the user keep their hands protected. With the hyperskin grip and the use of batting gloves, you can eliminate any problems with blisters.
  • HMX Alloy Barrel: The HMX Alloy barrel is slightly larger than your typical little league barrel. It also a large sweet spot that has been known to be great for home runs.
  • Lightweight: The heavier the bat is, the harder it is to swing. For youth bats, it is important that the model is light so that younger batters are able to swing it efficiently. This model weighs only 20 ounces.

How Much Does Easton S750 Cost?

In order to get a high-quality youth bat like the Easton S750, you will need to dedicate a little more than you might have expected.

This model usually costs anywhere between $50 – $75. Of course, this price is only an estimate, and subject to unpredictable market variables.

Great Youth Bat with Lots of Power

The Easton S750 is a great bat to consider for sluggers who need a youth bat that has a nice barrel size, a lightweight, and a powerful sweet spot.

Although any sort of bat’s level of success depends on the skill of the user, people have generally had lots of success with this model.

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