Dyson DC56 Review – Is It The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

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The Dyson DC56 is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners you can find. It is small, durable, and perfect for small cleaning tasks. This handy tool is a must-have. It will keep your home, car, or workplace 100% neat and spotless.

The best aspect about this vacuum cleaner is that it’s easy to handle and cordless. Gone are the days of attaching different cords while cleaning. Now you can effectively clean any area without worrying about wires or different plug-ins.

You can take care of any room and narrow spaces with this product. This device is perfect for times when you receive unexpected guests. With it, you can sort your place within several minutes.

The vacuum is not only convenient but also has incredible power. The main energy source is generated by the Dyson Digital Motor. It is also equipped with advanced technology.

This handy tool is particularly designed to keep your home, car, or workplace neat and tidy. In case, you are looking for a cleaner that will clean including all the hard to reach spots of your pool, consider buying the quality pool vacuum cleaner.

What Do We Love About The Dyson DC56 Vacuum?

The battery is made up of Lithium-ion. It provides efficient power throughout the cleaning duration. The Dyson DC56 is a hand-held device.

Careful thought has gone into the development of this vacuum. The design of the vacuum is ergonomic, making it convenient to handle.

Its light-weight features make it quite portable. Therefore, you can even travel with this device. The suction power works incredibly well in small spaces.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Dyson DC 56’s main features, its convenience, and what makes it such a versatile product.

Dyson DC56 Specs

  • Product Weight: 2.92 lbs.
  • Type of Filter: Cyclonic, Reusable, and Lifetime
  • Vacuum Type: Hand-held vacuums
  • Battery Power Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Charge Time: 300 minutes
  • Color: White
  • Cordless/Corded: Cordless
  • Run time: 15minutes
  • Suction Power: 65 air watts
  • Voltage (volts): 20.22 volts

Dyson DC Options Available

The products mentioned below are from the same manufacturing company, Dyson. However, their prices and details may vary. The descriptions have been taken from verified sources.

Product Title
Dyson DC56
15.3 x 9.4 x 5.3 inches
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Dyson DC 56 Hard
10.7 x 29.5 x 5.6 inches
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Dyson DC56 Features

The two-tool feature is advantageous. It sets this product apart from the rest. The crevice and combination accessory tools are attached to the device.

These tools are included in the washable filter. They come with a lifetime guarantee. The vacuum also comes with a hygienic dust bin and a washable filter.

After cleaning, you can empty the dustbin with just a click of a button. It means you can get rid of the dirt without getting your hands messy.

Dyson DC56 is helpful in removing dust from small and narrow areas. It can’t be used to clean or soak up the liquid.  Buying the right steam mop will be the best fit as it uses steam to clean floors and carpets.

What Makes Dyson DC56 So Awesome

Dyson is a renowned company when it comes to vacuums. The Dyson DC56 is an innovative model, recognized for its convenience. However, what makes the product so amazing?

Below are the given details which tell us why:

  • The Root Cyclone Technology: The machine is equipped with Root Cyclone technology. It assists in getting the dirt and even microscopic dust out of the system. All of it is collected in the bin.

This advanced technology enables the device to not lose suction power during cleaning. This is especially true for when you are using it at high power.

  • The Invincible Dual Power Mode: The dual power mode is an extremely useful tool. It is a particular feature, which is responsible for increasing and decreasing power.

The power mode on this product can provide 15 minutes of high suction. Do you want the work to be completed really quickly? Then use the 6 minutes of maximum power setting.

  • Three-Year Warranty: The battery is made of Lithium-ion. The power source is re-engineered and fade-free. It generates 50 times more power than the previous vacuum cleaners of the Dyson brand.
  • There is an LED light attached to the battery. Its function is to flash light, for notification purposes, when the battery is almost dead.
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How to Use Dyson DC56

  • The Dyson DC 56 appears to be a small and cordless vacuum. It is white in color. The device has a tiny, purple switch at the top, which opens up the machine.

The filter appears purple in color too. In order to open the dustbin, you have to switch on a red button. The said button is placed on the bin’s left side. To turn on the power of the vacuum, you would need to press another small, red button.

User Feedback and Reviews: What People Said About the Dyson DC56

Reading customer sentiment is very important if you are thinking of purchasing a particular product.

Most Common Complaints

  • Battery Placement Issues: The battery is quite powerful, but it is not removable. It comes attached to the device. Also, there is no charging stand with the rest of the equipment.
  • Low Battery Life: The battery is created from Lithium-ion, but when it comes to the functioning process, the battery life is very low. The total time of usage is usually 15 minutes, and then the battery starts to drain.

Moreover, it takes up too much of the charging, especially when the maximum power setting is utilized.

  • Inadequate Items: Customers have complained about the poor condition of products, particularly when ordered through delivery. The machine is either unsuitable to use or has components missing. Additionally, there have also been hygiene complaints regarding the device. Users have found dusty tubes and rusty equipment.

Most Common Praises

  • Effective Cleaning and Convenience: The device is extremely light-weight. It’s easy to carry around, and you can easily clean narrow, steep crevices with it. It’s also perfect for cleaning your car. It can sweep out dirt from the nooks and crannies.
  • Durability and Warranty: The vacuum cleaner is quite durable, and it is constructed from solid polycarbonate. Therefore, it will last you quite a while. Also, there is a 2-year warranty on all the components of the device.
  • Cordless and Handheld Feature: One of the most liked things about this device, by the consumers, is its handheld feature. People are able to clean more effectively. That’s because the cleaner can easily fit in the palm of a hand.
  • Strong Suction Capability Commitment: This device is known for how well it handles small cleaning tasks. The Dyson also features 65 watts boost to increase the suction power. It is also a must-have for animal lovers as well. The suction feature allows you to clean fur hairs, which we usually miss.

How Much Does the Dyson DC 56 Cost?

The Dyson DC 56 costs around $256. The price is a bit costly. However, with the added features and the high-tech program, the cleaner is worth the money.

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Why Buy the Dyson DC56?

If you are one who wants a spotless home, work, car, or even your belongings, the Dyson DC56 could be your best mate. It is a bit heavy on the pocket. But in comparison to other vacuum cleaners, it’s worth the price tag.

People with allergies can really benefit from this product. So, can those who can’t invest much time in cleaning and maintenance. Six minutes and you’re done!

The low battery life is a disadvantage. But its latest features, such as durability, convenience, and effective cleaning capabilities, make it one of the best selling cordless vacuum cleaners.

The components of the machine are quite solid. They will last you a while. The product has an equal weight distribution. It weighs lesser than 3 pounds, so it’s simpler to manage.

Dyson also provides a cord with the equipment for the customers with a preference. Its ability to function at an incredibly high speed makes it a crowd winner.

Dyson is helpful in removing dust from small and narrow areas whether at home or work premises. If you are a pool owner and still worried about cleaning the pool effectively, buying the battery-powered pool vacuums is the wise move.

Finally, if you own an expensive carpet and need it cleaned thoroughly, take a look at our carpet rake guide.

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