10 Best Snowtubing Hills in Wisconsin (Cost, Hours & Locations)

Wisconsin gets between 40 and 50 inches of snow in the central and northeastern parts of the state and between 100 and 125 inches near Lake Superior in the counties of Iron and Vilas.

With all of that snow, Wisconsin is an excellent state to visit for a wintery family adventure. The snow tubing parks in Wisconsin maintain their snow cover all winter long and provide high-quality and unique experiences for family-friendly fun.

Compared to the more popular winter destinations in Utah and Colorado, the winter parks and recreation areas in Wisconsin provide snow tubing experiences at a fraction of the price. You can expect to pay around $15-45 for tubing.

Pricing usually depends on the age, whether you’re doing regular or glow tubing, or the day of the week. Also, WI spots have fewer people, so you likely won’t deal with much of a crowd.

The best overall snow tubing experience is found at the Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area. It has been voted the best resort in the Midwest and the online ratings and customer testimonials agree.

Sunburst and Wilmot are among the most popular snow tubing parks. Sunburst has the world’s largest snow tubing hill, making this a popular place for thrill-seekers to snow tube.

Wilmot is popular with snow tubers that enjoy speed. Not only are the snow tubing chutes at Wilmot speedy, but so are the lines back up the hill.

Top Snowtubing Hills in Wisconsin

Snow Tubing HillPrice for 2 HoursUnique Offerings
Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area$25Vintage, old-school vibe
Sunburst$20World’s largest snow tubing hill
Wilmot Mountain Snow Tubing$29 – $39Speedy chutes
The Rock Snowpark$20 – $24Lower height requirement (36 inches)
Minocqua Winter Park$11 – $14600-foot tubing run with a 70-foot drop

1. Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area

Credit: Trollhaugen

The Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area is located in Dresser, Wisconsin, an hour’s drive from the downtown area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the winter, Dresser receives an average of 47 inches of snowfall each year. The winter snows usually stay on the ground during the winter months, December through February. Typically, snow tubing operations cease in mid-March.

Trollhaugen is a popular place for snow tubing, with a vintage, old-school vibe that appeals to families, especially kids. As a result, reservations for snow tubing must be made online in advance. At $25 per person, Trollhaugen falls within the mid-range of Wisconsin’s snow tubing prices, making this an excellent value.

This recreation area has ten lanes of snow tubing available each day which means that the lines to slide down are short and move quickly. A conveyor belt carries snow tubers up the hill, making snow tubing an easy thrill with little physical effort. Trollhaugen offers discounted rates for groups and is a popular place to take school groups and youth groups.

Address:  2232 100th Avenue, Dresser WI 54009
Open Hours: Fridays: 5 to 9 PM  |  Saturdays: 11 AM to 7 PM  |  Sundays: 12 to 6 PM
Phone Number: 1-651-433-5141 or 1-715-755-2955
Website: https://trollhaugen.com/snow-tubing
Cost: $25 per person for two hours

2. Sunburst

Credit: Sunburst Winter Sports Park / Facebook

Sunburst Ski Hill is a highly-rated winter sports park located an hour’s drive north of downtown Milwaukee. Because of its proximity to a large city, Sunburst sees plenty of visitors each winter.

During the winter months, between December and February, this area receives an average of 47 inches of snow each year. The winter temperatures stay cold, meaning that the snowpack remains on the ground until the temperatures start warming up in March.

The Sunburst Ski Hill has the tallest snow tubing hill in the world, according to its website. The snow tubing course runs downhill for a quarter of a mile and tubers can reach speeds of up to 30 mph throughout its 90-foot drop.

A magic carpet conveyor is available to carry people uphill and tubers can hold onto each other and go down as a group for added fun. Snow tube rentals are included in the price of the ticket. With all that Sunburst has to offer, the price of $20 per person is an excellent value in that region. Many kids and adults make fun, happy memories of snow tubing at Sunburst each winter.

Address: 8355 Prospect Dr, Kewaskum, WI 53040
Open Hours: Sun: 9:30 AM to 7 PM  |  Tues, Wed, and Thurs: 4 to 8 PM  | Fri and Sat: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Phone Number: 1-262-626-8404
Website: https://skisunburst.com/snow-tube/
Cost: $20/person for two hours of tubing on Fri, Sat, and Sun  |  $20/person for unlimited tubing Tues, Wed, and Thurs

3. Wilmot Mountain Snow Tubing

Credit: Cragin Spring / Flickr

Wilmot Mountain Snow Tubing is located in southeastern Wisconsin, halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago, about an hour’s drive from each, on the Wisconsin/Illinois border. This area receives approximately 15 to 20 inches of snowfall each winter, most of which occurs in January.

Wilmot Mountain Resort is a popular place to snow tube and can get very crowded on weekends, so tickets should be purchased online in advance. While Wilmot is a bit more expensive than other places in the region, with tickets ranging between $29 and $39, the convenient location and excellent snow tubing lanes make it a worthwhile expense.

The Wilmot Mountain Snow Tubing location has 22 snow tubing lanes that are 1,000 feet long. Two conveyor belt lifts carry people to the top of the hill which means that the wait times are not very long.

The Wilmot snow tubing lanes are very popular with snow tubers who enjoy speed. Up to four tubes can be linked together for a run down the hill. Snow tube rentals are included in the cost of the ticket.

Address: 12301 Fox River Rd, Wilmot, WI 53192
Open Hours: Hours of operation change throughout the season. Check the website for details.
Phone Number: 1-262-862-2301
Cost: All prices are per person for a two-hour time slot.

  • Monday through Thursday: $29 online and $34 at the window
  • Friday through Sunday: $39 online and $44 at the window

4. The Rock Snowpark

Credit: Visit Milwaukee

The Rock Snowpark is located on the south side of Milwaukee, only fifteen minutes from the downtown area. The Milwaukee area receives, on average, approximately 47 inches of snowfall each year. The temperatures in this area usually remain cold all winter, December through February, leaving the snowpack intact for excellent winter sports fun.

Nineteen tubing lanes are available at The Rock Snowpark. One magic carpet conveyor belt carries people to the top of the hill. Unlike most snow tubing parks that have a minimum height requirement of 42 inches, The Rock Snowpark has a minimum height requirement of 36 inches.

Because of the lower height requirement, snow tubing at The Rock Snowpark is favored by families with children, especially small children, who do not enjoy the speed and the tall hills that other snow tubing locations offer. In addition, the cost makes this an affordable activity for families with ticket prices as low as $20 on most weekdays and as low as $24 at peak times.

The linking of snow tubes at this park is limited and dependent on the lane conditions. Sometimes, linking is prohibited during the day and is usually prohibited at night. On some Saturday nights, The Rock Snowpark stays open for special night tubing events called Glow Tubing.

Address: 7011 S Ballpark Dr, Franklin, WI 53132
Open Hours: Monday through Thursday: 4 to 8 PM  |  Friday: 1 to 9 PM  |  Saturday and Holidays: 10 AM to 9 PM  | Sunday: 10 AM to 8 PM  |  Glow Tubing on some Saturdays: 9:15 to 11 PM
Phone Number: 1-414-235-8818
Website: https://www.rocksnowpark.com/
Cost: Monday through Thursday: $20 online and $30 walk-in per person for unlimited hours
Friday through Sunday and Holidays: $24 online and $35 walk-in per person for two hours
Glow Tubing: $35 online and $45 walk-in

5. Minocqua Winter Park

Credit: Shutterstock

Minocqua Winter Park is located in north-central Wisconsin, in the section of the state commonly referred to as the Northwoods. There are no major cities nearby; Madison is a 3.5-hour drive south of Minocqua. Because of its proximity to Lake Superior, this winter park receives an average of 65 inches of snowfall each year.

Snow tubing at Minocqua Winter Park’s Squirrel Hill is a fun, 600-foot tubing run with a 70-foot drop. The location of this winter park makes visitors feel as though they are in the middle of a winter wonderland. This run is serviced by one lift to transport people to the top of the tubing hill.

When there is freezing rain or the temperatures drop below -10o F, the lift closes and people must hike up the hill to reach the top. Chaining of up to five tubes is permitted, depending on the snow conditions. While the winter weather in this area can prevent some people from making the trip, the inexpensive prices ranging from $11 to $14 make this a trip worth taking. Snow tube use is provided free of charge with the price of a ticket.

Address: 7588 Squirrel Hill Rd, Minocqua, WI 54548
Open Hours: Saturdays and Sundays: Session A: 11 AM to 1:30 PM  |  Session B: 2 PM to 4:30 PM
Phone Number: 1-715-356-3309
Website: https://www.minocquawinterpark.org/
Cost: Prices are per person per session.  Age 18 and younger: $11  |  Ages 19 to 64: $14  |  Age 65 and above: $13

6. Christie Mountain

Credit: Christie Mountain

Christie Mountain is located in central Wisconsin, a 2.5-drive northeast of Minneapolis, the nearest large city, and an hour’s drive from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The average annual snowfall at Christie Mountain is 60 inches. The snow tubing slopes typically open in early December and shut down in March, depending on the weather and snow conditions.

Snow tubing at Christie Mountain is a fun, family-friendly experience and at $25 per person, an affordable family activity. Easy, gentle snow tubing chutes perfect for smaller children are available. In addition, a speedy snow tubing chute with some bumps that creates a more thrilling ride is perfect for older children and adults.

A conveyor lift is available to transport snow tubers to the top of the hill. The snow tube rental is included in the price of the ticket but with only 200 snow tubes, the number of tickets that can be sold is limited.

Address: W13755 Co Rd O, Bruce, WI 54819
Open Hours: Friday: 5 to 10 PM  |  Saturday: 12 to 10 PM  |  Sunday: 12 to 5 PM
Phone Number: 1-715-868-7800
Website: https://www.christiemountain.com/snowtubing
Cost: $25 per person for two hours

7. Sylvan Hill Park

Credit: Sylvan Hill Park / Facebook

Sylvan Hill Park is located in central Wisconsin in the town of Wausau, approximately a 1.5-hour drive west of Green Bay. With an average annual snowfall of 60 inches, Wausau is an excellent place to go and enjoy winter sports.

Sylvan Hill Park is owned and operated by the Marathon County Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department. Depending on the weather, Sylvan Hill Park is open for snow tubing from mid-December through mid-March.

Sylvan Hill Park has six snow tubing hills. One side of the hill has a vertical drop of 120 feet and the other has a drop of 133 feet. Two wire tows are available to pull people to the top of the hill. Visitors to this snow tubing hill should be aware that tubing shuts down when the temperatures drop below -15oF.

The affordable pricing of the snow tubing tickets, $7.50 for children and $10 for adults, makes Sylvan Hill a very popular place for families to visit. As a result, lines during peak hours can be long, so people should go early.

Address: 1329 Sylvan St, Wausau, WI 54403
Open Hours: Fri: 6 to 9:30 PM  |  Sat: Session 1: 1:30 to 5 PM | Sat: Session 2: 6 to 9:30 PM  |  Sun: 1:30 to 5 PM
Phone Number: 1-715-261-1550
Website: https://www.co.marathon.wi.us
Cost: $10 per adult, age 14 and above  |  $7.50 per child up to age 13 and above 42 inches in height

8. Kewaunee Winter Park

Credit: Visit Algoma WI

Kewaunee Winter Park is located in Kewaunee County on the west coast of Lake Michigan. This park is a 40-minute drive east from Green Bay at the base of the peninsula between Green Bay and Lake Michigan. The average annual snowfall in Kewaunee is 48 inches. The Kewaunee Winter Park is owned and operated by the Kewaunee County Parks Department.

Since snow tubing at Kewaunee Park first opened, it has grown increasingly popular. Five snow tubing runs that are approximately 450 feet each have a vertical drop of 70 feet. A magic carpet conveyor belt is available to transport snow tubers to the top of the hill.

The inexpensive price per ticket, $10 per person, and the very affordable family rate, $45 for a family of 5, make this a popular place for families. Peak times and holidays can get quite busy, so it is recommended that visitors arrive early. Despite the busy peak times, people are generally happy with the wait times at this park. Riders must be taller than 42 inches in height and only one person may sit in each tube.

Address: N3787 Ransom Moore Ln, Kewaunee, WI 54216
Open Hours: Saturday: 10 AM to 6 PM  |  Sunday: 11 AM to 5 PM
Phone Number: 1-920-388-7199
Website: https://www.visitkewauneecounty.com/explore/parks-and-trails/winter-park-recreation/
Cost: $10 per person for two hours  |  $45 per family of five for two hours

9. Badlands Snowpark

Credit: Badlands Snowpark / Facebook

Badlands Snowpark is located on the western border of Wisconsin, a short, 40-minute drive from Minneapolis. With an average annual snowfall of 55 inches, and a short drive to a large city, the Badlands Snowpark is a popular place to go for snow tubing. Unlike most other winter sports parks, the only activity available at Badlands Snowpark is snow tubing.

There are seven separate hills of snow tubing at Badlands Snowpark. These hills are some of the longest, steepest, and highest in the country, appealing to thrill-seekers of all ages. Five tow ropes are available to pull snow tubers to the top of the hill.

This means the snow tubing lines move quickly so people do not have to wait long. Of the designer snow-tubing slopes at Badlands, two are rated as easy, two are intermediate, and three are advanced.

The best part of Badlands is that families with younger children can participate in snow tubing on the easy slopes. Big groups of people can receive a discounted rate, so this is a popular place for birthday parties and youth group activities. The cost of snow tubing at Badlands varies each year, so visitors should check their website for up-to-date pricing information.

Address: 772 Kinney Rd, Hudson, WI 54016
Open Hours: Friday: 5 to 8 PM  |  Saturday: Session 1: 10 AM to 1 PM, Session 2: 1:30 to 4:30 PM, Session 3: 5 to 8 PM  |  Sunday: Session 1: 10 AM to 1 PM, Session 2: 1:30 to 4:30 PM
Phone Number: 1-715-386-1856
Website: https://badlandssnowpark.com/
Cost: Price varies each season. Check the website for more information.

10. Mont du Lac Resort

Credit: Mont du Lac Resort

Mont du Lac Resort is located in the northwestern corner of Wisconsin, close to Lake Superior. The closest city, Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a two-hour drive south of the resort. The average annual snowfall at the Mont du Lac Resort is 95 inches. Mont du Lac also offers more than a snack shack and limited facilities. It has onsite lodging year-round so visitors can stay as long as they like and snow tube.

The snow tubing at Mont du Lac Resort is located in the Outta Bounds Tubing Park. Two custom snow-tube lanes run through the woods, four lanes are designed for speed, and two lanes are designed for children.

All of the lanes are 500 feet long and a magic carpet conveyor belt carries riders to the top of the hill. At night, the lanes are lit up and snow tubers can enjoy the lights and music while they speed along the snow tubing lanes.

Tube rentals are included in the $29.99 price of the pass, but all tubes are first come, first served. For parents who want to chill while their children enjoy the snow tubing lanes, Mont du Lac has an excellent restaurant and bar with many rave reviews for their superior food and quality service.

Address: 3125 S Mont Du Lac Rd, Superior, WI 54880
Open Hours: Friday: 5 to 9 PM  |  Saturday: 12 to 8 PM  |  Sunday: 12 to 5 PM  |  Holidays: hours vary
Phone Number: 1-888-311-4877
Website: https://mdlresort.com/
Cost: All-Day Pass: $29.99

Safety Measures When Snow Tubing

  1. Height Requirements: Many snow tubing hills have minimum height requirements to ensure the safety of younger children.
  2. Safety Gear: Some locations may offer helmets or other safety gear. Check if these are included in the ticket price or require an additional fee.
  3. Staff Training: Well-trained staff can efficiently handle emergencies and guide visitors on how to use the tubing lanes safely.
  4. Lane Design: The design of the tubing lanes can also impact safety. Some hills offer separate lanes for different skill levels.
  5. Lifts and Conveyors: Mechanisms like magic carpet lifts or conveyor belts should be in good working condition to safely transport visitors to the top of the hill.
  6. Signage and Instructions: Clear signs indicating the rules, potential risks, and how to tube safely are essential.
  7. First Aid and Emergency Services: Availability of first aid on-site and proximity to medical facilities can be a deciding factor for families.

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