10 Best Places for Snowtubing in Pennsylvania (Fun for All Ages!)

Pennsylvania is a popular state for winter sports. With an average annual snowfall of 38 inches, there is plenty of snow available all winter to enjoy snowy adventures. Snow tubing has increased in popularity over the last few years and many parks and resorts have responded to the increased demand for quality snow tubing fun. 

Most snow tubing hills in Pennsylvania require participants to be taller than 42 inches. Snow tube rentals are typically included in the ticket price because most snow tubing resorts do not allow people to bring in their own tubes. Pennsylvania snow tubing ranges in price from $17 to $70. 

Out of Pennsylvania’s many snow tubing parks, the best is Camelback Resort. They have a lot to offer snow tubers with their lodge amenities and nighttime snow tubing. Liberty Mountain is an excellent mid-range-priced resort and Mount Pleasant of Edinboro offers snow tubers an inexpensive place to go on the weekends. 

Popular Snowtubing Parks in Pennsylvania

1. Camelback Snowtubing

Credit: Camelback Resort

Camelback Snowtubing can be found at the Camelback Resort in the Poconos Mountains, a two-hour drive from New York City. The Poconos Mountains receive approximately 50 inches of snow each year. 

This resort declares itself the largest snow tubing park in the United States. They have more than forty snow tubing lanes that run all day. At night, the snow tubing lanes light up for a night tubing adventure called Galactic snow tubing. Magic carpet conveyor belts are available to carry people up the hill with their tubes. 

The cost of snow tubing at this resort varies based on demand and availability, sometimes reaching $70 per person. Visitors must check the website when ready to purchase tickets. For visitors who want to snow tube at a lower price, Camelback offers reduced pricing for lift tickets and snow tubing passes to overnight lodge guests. Weekend and holiday tickets sell out quickly, so tickets must be purchased online in advance.

Camelback Snowtubing does get busy and the wait times can be long during peak snow tubing times. However, the excellent snow tubing available at this park keeps people coming back each year.

Address: 107 Resort Dr, Tannersville, PA 18372
Open Hours: Friday: 12 to 10 PM  |  Saturday: 9 AM to 10 PM  |  Sunday: 9 AM to 9 PM
Phone Number: 1-570-629-1661
Website: https://www.camelbackresort.com/ski-tube/poconos-pa-snowtubing/
Cost: Prices change based on demand and availability, so check the website for up-to-date pricing.

2. Liberty Mountain Resort

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Liberty Mountain Resort is home to the incredible Bubly Tube Park, a partnership that has created a family-friendly snow tube park in southern Pennsylvania. The Bubly Tube Park at Liberty Mountain is located just north of the Pennsylvania/Maryland border, only an 80-minute drive from Baltimore. This area receives an average of about 30 inches of snow each year. 

The Bubly Tube Park offers several fun evening events, such as Neon Nights and Valentine’s Celebration throughout the winter season. The $37 ticket price is about the average for snow tubing in Pennsylvania. 

Fifteen snow tubing lanes ensure that lines move quickly. Kids that are 41 inches and shorter pay less and have a kiddie tubing area designed specifically for their enjoyment. Peak times do get crowded so visitors should make reservations well in advance and hit the snow tubing lanes early to avoid the crowds.

Customer service at Liberty Mountain resort is top-notch. The resort amenities such as the restaurants, pool, and spa make this an enjoyable get-away destination for couples and families. 

Address: 78 Country Club Trail, Fairfield, PA 17320
Open Hours: Thursday and Friday: 4 to 10 PM  |  Saturday: 10 AM to 10 PM  |  Sunday: 10 AM to 8 PM
Phone Number: 1-717-642-8282
Website: https://www.libertymountainresort.com/
Cost: The price of a ticket is per person per 2-hour session
$10 for kids 41″ and under  |  $37 for everyone 42″ and above

3. Roundtop Snow Tubing

Credit: Roundtop Mountain Resort

Roundtop Snow Tubing, located in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, is approximately an 80-minute drive north of Baltimore, Maryland, and a two-hour drive from Washington D.C. Lewisberry receives an average of 26 inches of snowfall each winter. 

Roundtop makes excellent snow when the temperatures are low, but the snow won’t fall. Many visitors enjoy the well-groomed snow tubing slopes. Snow tubing earlier in the day is best for younger children when the tubing is slower and fewer people are there. The kiddie tubing area is perfect for children smaller than 41 inches and Roundtop provides tubes that are a smaller size to accommodate them. 

There are ten snow tubing lanes for visitors taller than 42 inches. These lanes are 800 feet long with a vertical drop of 80 feet. A magic carpet conveyor belt carries people up the hill to slide again. Visitors should plan to arrive early if they want to avoid the crowds waiting to slide downhill. However, night tubing with music is a fun way to hang out for a couple of hours. The tubing lanes get faster as the temperature drops after dark. 

Most people agree that the $32 tickets are an excellent value for two hours of winter fun. The people that visit Roundtop Snow Tubing often return year after year with their families. For anyone looking for a fun, winter-time activity when it is cold outside, but no snow on the ground, Roundtop is an excellent place to go. 

Address: 925 Roundtop Rd, Lewisberry, PA 17339
Open Hours:  Thursday and Friday: 4 to 9 PM  |  Saturday and Sunday: 11 AM to 7 PM
Phone Number: 1-717-432-9631
Website: http://www.skiroundtop.com/snow-tubing
Cost: 2-hour passes: $9 for people 41 inches and under  |  $32 for 42 inches tall and above

4. Blue Mountain Resort

Credit: Blue Mountain Resort

The Blue Mountain Resort is located in the Poconos Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. This resort is a 2.5-hour drive northwest of New York City and a 2-hour drive north of Philadelphia. The region receives an average of 31 inches of snow per year. 

Blue Mountain’s snow tubing lanes are the self-proclaimed longest and fastest lanes in Pennsylvania. With 46 snow tubing lanes that are 1,000 feet long, they may be right. Three lifts to the top of the hill keep the lines moving. 

All snow tubers must be a minimum of 36 inches tall. Kids and adults can spend three hours tubing in single tubes or double tubes down the slippery slopes. Thursday nights are discounted tubing nights where visitors can tube for $25. Weekend and holiday prices vary depending on ticket availability so check the website for up-to-date pricing information.

The Apres Snow Tubing area provides a relaxing place with plenty of seats and tables for parents and grandparents. Adults can sit around a fire pit and enjoy eating from food trucks while watching children enjoy themselves. Snow tubing tickets should be purchased online and the ticket price includes the snow tube rental.

Address: 1660 Blue Mountain Dr, Palmerton, PA 18071
Open Hours: Thursday: 5 PM to 9 PM  |  Friday through Sunday and Holidays: 9 AM to 9 PM
Phone Number: 1-610-826-7700
Website: https://www.skibluemt.com/
Cost: Ticket prices are updated each year. Check the website at the beginning of the season for up-to-date price information. Tickets are per person for 3-hour sessions.
Thursday: $25  | 
Friday through Sunday and Holidays: up to $50, depending on availability

5. AvalancheXpress Snow Tubing

Credit: AvalancheXpress Snow Tubing / Facebook

AvalancheXpress is part of the Heritage Hills Resort located in southeastern Pennsylvania. It is a two-hour drive west of Philadelphia, a one-hour drive north of Baltimore, and a two-hour drive from Washington D.C. This part of Pennsylvania only gets approximately 23 inches of snow each year, so AvalancheXpress makes its own snow throughout the season.

Five lanes of snow tubing are available and a lift takes riders back to the top of the hill. Tickets can be purchased for different session lengths. The price of these tickets is on the low end for Pennsylvania and visitors can purchase tickets for different amounts of time. $45 for three hours on the weekends and $35 for five hours during the week are excellent prices for snow tubing.

AvalancheXpress is a great place to go with large groups of over 20 people. They offer a 15% discounted rate on their regular price, every day of the week, including holidays. Many visitors enjoy the combo package of snow tubing and ice skating. Their friendly staff and responsive customer service team bring people back to snow tube every year.

Address: 2700 Mt Rose Ave, York, PA 17402
Open Hours: Monday through Wednesday: 5 to 10 PM  |  Thursday: 4 to 10 PM  |  Friday: 4 to 10 PM  |  Saturday/Sunday/Holiday: 10 AM to 10 PM
Phone Number: 1-717-755-0123
Website: https://avalanchexpress.com/
Cost: Tickets prices are per person:
Age 4 and under: $25
Age 5 and up: Monday through Thursday: $35 for 5 hours and $25 for 2 hours  |  Friday through Sunday and Holidays: $45 for 3 hours
Season passes per person: Age 4 and under: $125  |  Age 5 and up: $225  |  Family of 4: $725  |  Additional person: $150

6. Mount Pleasant of Edinboro

Credit: Mount Pleasant of Edinboro

Mount Pleasant of Edinboro is located in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania, two hours north of Pittsburgh. Because Mount Pleasant of Edinboro is only 30 miles from Lake Erie, it receives quite a bit of snow each winter. Their average annual snowfall is 99 inches. 

The snow tubing hill at Mount Pleasant is 600 feet tall. They have eight lanes for snow tubing and a lift to carry riders back to the top. This snow tubing hill does have a 42-inch minimum height restriction and snow tubers must ride alone on this hill. 

Visitors to Mount Pleasant must pre-register online for their snow tubing tickets. This park limits the number of tickets sold per session to only 60 participants. As a result, the lines are never long and people can snow tube as much as they want within their two-hour time slot. 

The ticket prices include the snow tube rental because outside tubes are not permitted. The helpful staff at this snow tubing park and the $20 ticket price make this a fun, family-friendly place to spend a day in the snow. 

Address: 14510 Mt Pleasant Rd, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403
Open Hours: Friday: 3 to 10 PM  |  Saturday: 10 AM to 10 PM  |  Sunday: 10 AM to 7:30 PM
Phone Number: 1-814-734-1641
Website: https://www.skimountpleasant.com/
Cost: 2-hour sessions are $20 per person

7. Ski Big Bear at Masthope Mountain

Credit: Ski Big Bear Pennsylvania / Facebook

Ski Big Bear at Masthope Mountain is located in the northeastern Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania, near the Pennsylvania/New York border. This ski resort is part of the Masthope Mountain Community and is only open on weekends and holidays. 

It is a nearly three-hour drive northwest of New York City and many people travel that distance to enjoy time outside of the city, spending time with nature. This region receives approximately 54 inches of snow each year which makes this a snowy winter wonderland.

This resort is Pennsylvania’s best-kept secret. Its snow tubing hill only has three, 500-foot snow tubing lanes, but they allow both single and double-riding tubes. A magic carpet lift is available to carry riders back to the top of the hill. The minimum height of riders is 42 inches. Parents enjoy visiting this snow tubing hill because it usually isn’t overly crowded and they can ride next to their child in the double tube. 

Ticket prices are about average for Pennsylvania at $32 per person. Snow tube rentals are included in this price. Food is available in the cafeteria and restaurant at a reasonable price. Many families enjoy spending the day in the snow and taking a break inside to eat lunch. 

Address: 192 Karl Hope Blvd, Lackawaxen, PA 18435
Open Hours: Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM  |  Sunday: 10 AM to 2:30 PM
Phone Number: 1-570-226-8585
Website: https://www.ski-bigbear.com/
Cost: $32 per person per 2-hour session

8. Hidden Valley Ski Resort

Credit: Laurel Highlands

The Hidden Valley Ski Resort is located an hour’s drive southeast of Pittsburgh. This area receives an average of 79 inches of snow each year. The mountainous terrain provides visitors with stunning winter vistas while they play in the snow at this resort.

Visitors to this resort can spend the weekend without spending a lot of money. Hidden Valley offers affordable package deals for families that include lodging, snow tubing, and continental breakfast. Beginner winter sports enthusiasts can develop a love of snow sports by spending their days on the slopes. 

Weekend snow tubing is available all winter long if the temperatures cooperate. In addition to weekends, an event called Tubapalooza occurs on some Thursday nights with unlimited snow tubing and a buffet of snacks, pizza, and hot chocolate. A firepit at the bottom of the hill provides a warm place for snow tubers to warm up between their runs.

Three snow tubing lanes provide an exciting slide down the hill with built-in bumps to thrill the riders. In addition, a conveyor belt carries riders to the top of the hill. Ages 4 and up are welcome to ride and snow tube rentals are included in the price. The reasonable ticket price of $33 for ages 12 and up and the uncrowded snow tubing hills make this a fun place to spend the day. 

Address: 599 Glades Pike #545, Somerset, PA 15501
Open Hours: Friday ticket prices are per person for a 3-hour session. Weekend and holiday ticket prices are per person for a 2-hour session.
Monday and Tuesday: 10 AM to 4:30 PM  |  Wednesday and Thursday: 10 AM to 9 PM
Friday, Saturday, and Holidays: 9 AM to 9:30 PM  |  Sunday: 9 AM to 7 PM
Phone Number: 1-814-443-8000 ext. 300
Website: http://www.hiddenvalleyresort.com/winter/snow-tubing/
Cost: $33 per adult  |  $30 per kid ages 4 to 11
Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 12 PM: $26 for kids and $29 for adults

9. Boyce Park Four Seasons Lodge

Credit: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Boyce Park Snow Tubing Area is operated by the Allegheny County Parks Department. This park is only a 20-minute drive from downtown Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh area receives an average of 44 inches of snowfall each year. 

The cost of snow tubing at Boyce Park is only $17 for Pittsburgh residents and only $21 for non-residents. That is one of the least expensive prices for a quality snow tubing experience in Pennsylvania. Snow tube rentals are included in the ticket price.

Like many snow tubing hills in Pennsylvania, there is a 42-inch minimum height limit for snow tubers. Children between 42 and 50 inches must be linked to an adult tube. However, kids above 50 inches in height can ride alone. Some food and snack concessions are available for purchase at the park.

Snow tubing does sell out, so visitors should plan ahead and purchase their tickets. Several snow tubing lanes and a conveyor belt to carry people to the top of the hill keeps the lines and wait times small. That way, families can enjoy more rides during their ticketed sessions.

Address: 901 Centerview Dr, Plum, PA 15239
Open Hours: Friday: 4:30 to 9 PM  |  Saturday: 10 AM to 9 PM  |  Sunday: 10 AM to 5 PM
Phone Number: 1-724-733-4656
Website: https://www.alleghenycounty.us/parks/activities/winter-sports/snow-tubing.aspx
Cost: $17 for residents  |  $21 for non-residents

10. Iron Valley Tubing

Credit: Iron Valley Tubing

Iron Valley Tubing is located in southeastern Pennsylvania, a 1.5-hour drive west of Philadelphia and a two-hour drive from Baltimore, Maryland. The Lebanon area where Iron Valley is located receives an average annual snowfall of 25 inches. 

Winter temperatures in this area fluctuate above and below freezing throughout the winter months. When the temperatures do not cooperate, the snow tubing park does not open. As a result, always check the website before visiting.

Iron Valley Tubing offers great snow tubing with mid-range pricing of $29 on Fridays and $39 on weekends. The friendly staff and fast tubing lanes (during the right conditions) bring people back all season long. The 900-foot snow tubing runs have a drop of 130 feet. Two tow lifts are available to carry people back to the top of the hill. Snow tube rental is included in the price of the tickets and only one person is allowed per tube.

Iron Valley has four snow tubing lanes on a kids’ hill that are designed just for children. Kids must be at least age 4 and a minimum of 40 inches tall to snow tube. Adults are not permitted to snow tube on the children’s hill. 

Address: 201 Iron Valley Dr, Lebanon, PA 17042
Open Hours: Thursday: 5 to 9 PM  |  Friday: 5 to 9 PM  |  Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 9 AM to 5 PM
Phone Number: 1-717-279-7409
Website: https://www.shawneemt.com/
Cost: The ticket price is for a 2-hour session per person.
$12 for kids 6 and under all the time  |  $29 on Fridays  |  $39 on Weekends and Holidays

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