The 5 Best Coolers With Wheels – [Top Reviews & Rankings]

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A cooler with wheels, also known as a wheeled cooler, is a traditional cooler with wheels attached, making it easy and convenient to move from place to place.  The best coolers with wheels will feature cup holders, will have a sturdy, retractable handle, will have puncture-resistant tires, and will have plenty of space to store everything that you need.

Coolers are a low cost and easy way of keeping drinks cold or food hot. The cooler’s insulation slows the transfer of heat by limiting convection. By making it difficult for heat to either enter or escape, coolers help to extend the gain of unwanted heat. With that said, ice stored in a cooler can last for over a week (Source).

Considering the fact that there are so many different brands and models of wheeled coolers to choose from, knowing which cooler with wheels to buy can be difficult.

Before you buy a cooler with wheels, first consider the cubic feet, maximum carrying capacity, and price. You should also consider features such as cup holders, and how long it can keep items cool (Source).

In this article, we will take a detailed look at all the top coolers with wheels. All of the wheeled coolers in this review will keep your food and drinks ice cold all day, whether you are enjoying a picnic at the park, or going camping with the family.

What Is The Best Cooler with Wheels?

The best cooler with wheels is the RovR Wheeled camping cooler because it has the most capacity among other brands. Also, it is the most feature-packed and has puncture-resistant tires.

How Much Does a Cooler with Wheels Cost?

Coolers with wheels come in many different sizes, weights, and potential features. Most coolers with wheels cost anywhere between $50-$400.

Usually, the larger the tank space is the more expensive the cooler is. However, there are some very clear exceptions to this rule. There are many other features and factors which come into play which can have an effect on the cost of the product.

This is largely dependent on the size of the cooler, the durability, and any other unique features that may exist. 

Comparing the Top 5 Models

Product Name
RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler
60 Quarts
10.57 x 2 x 27.3 inches
43.6 lbs.
Check Price
Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler
40 Quarts
14.2 x 22.7 x 16.8 inches
9 lbs.
Check Price
GiNT Rolling Cooler with Handle
53 Quarts
24.5 x 18.2 x 17.7 inches
24.4 lbs.
Check Price
Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy Duty Cooler
100 Quarts
36.5 x 16.75 x 18.25 inches
18 lbs.
Check Price
Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler
60 Quarts
20.4 x 18.1 x 19 inches
12.8 lbs.
Check Price

Best Coolers with Wheels: Our Top 5 Picks

1. RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler – Best Overall Cooler with Wheels

No products found.

This model from RovR Products s a wonderful choice for anybody willing to pay a little extra for all the bells and whistles which exist in the world of wheeled coolers. Due to the abundance of features and outstanding durability, it is hard to imagine another cooler that could be better!

The Men’s Journal even gave this cooler their 2018 Gear of the Year award. The abundance of unique features and the overall quality and durability of this model are great reasons why. 

Although this cooler is a little more expensive than most other options, it comes with a nice set of features such as puncture-resistance tires, long ice retention, and a cool dry storage bin placed right at the coolest bottom point of the tank. 

  • Large 60-quart tank.
  • Keeps ice frozen up to 10 days.
  • Included dry storage bin.
  • Puncture-resistant tires.
  • Dual cup holders & a handle.
  • The top can convert to a wagon bin.
  • A little pricey.

2. Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler – Portable, Lightweight & Affordable

This cooler with wheels from Coleman is one of the best choices for anybody who is on a tight budget. Or, those who don’t want a big and bulky cooler that takes up a lot of space. 

This model is completely rustproof and has a drain system that is leak-resistant and doesn’t force the user to tilt the cooler in order to let out excess water. The top of the cooler has four different built-in can holders. 

The inside of the cooler can store up to 59 cans at a time. This is a great choice for those who need a cooler for a day-trip or short camping trip of some sort. Since this cooler is so affordable and high-quality, those with tight budgets often see this as the best cooler with wheels. 

  • Portable and lightweight model.
  • Rustproof and leak-resistant.
  • Built-in can holders.
  • Affordable Price.
  • 40-quarts of storage may not be enough.

3. GiNT Rolling Cooler with Handle – Large Cooler With Wheels

No products found.

If you need a cooler with wheels that have nice ice retention specifications, this might be the best option for you to consider. Although there are definitely coolers with wheels that have longer ice retention periods than this product, the GiNT Rolling Cooler also has a nice balance of affordability and overall quality.

For example, the storage tank is 53-quarts and has a leak-proof drain that opens and closes whenever necessary to let out excess water. The shell of the cooler is made with strong TPE and the insulation is completely BPA-free. 

The model also comes with an adjustable serving tray so that you can take meals on the go. There are also tie-down loops included so that you can tie down items like umbrellas and other easily blown away items. 

  • Large 53-quart tank
  • Keeps ice frozen up to 8 days
  • Strong BPA-free insulation
  • Oversized leak-proof drain
  • Included serving tray and tie-down loops.
  • The handle is too short for some.

4. Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler – Nice Balance of Price & Quality

If you have a budget that is a little flexible and can afford products that aren’t quite at the bottom price tier, this might be the best cooler with wheels to suit your needs. Especially for those who want to receive the most tank space possible. 

In addition to having a tank size that is much larger than a typical cooler with wheels much more expensive than this one, this model also can be used as a seat. If you weigh anywhere up to 250 pounds, the lid on this cooler will be able to support your weight. 

There is a leakproof drain that doesn’t require you to tilt the cooler to let all the water out. It also keeps ice frozen up to 5 days long, making it have a nice overall balance of price and quality. 

  • Large 100-quart tank.
  • Keeps ice frozen for up to 5 days.
  • The lid can be used as a seat for up to 250 pounds.
  • Leakproof and tilt-free drain.
  • Affordable price.
  • A little big and bulky.

5. Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler – Best Cooler For The Money

If you have a tight budget, you can still get one of the best coolers with wheels. As this model demonstrates, it is possible to get a high-quality cooler with wheels even if you have limited money to spend. 

For the low price of this model, you receive 52 quarts of cool storage space. The product will also keep your ice frozen for up to 3 days long. Although this is a little shorter than what other models provide, the low price should make up for this. 

If you have a short day-trip or weekend trip coming up, this cooler with wheels might be the absolute best choice for you to consider. 

  • Big 52-quart tank
  • Keeps ice frozen for up to 3 days.
  • Extendable handle and side handle.
  • Good for short trips and events.
  • Very Affordable Price
  • The lid doesn’t come off.

Best Brands of Coolers with Wheels

The brand of the product is something important to consider if you value the quality of your cooler. There are many circumstances where the quality of the product can be predicted with a little background knowledge of the manufacturer. 

This is definitely true when we look at the top cooler brands. Here are some of the most popular manufacturers to look out for. 

RovR Products

RovR Products is widely known all around the world for the coolers. As we mentioned, they have even won awards for their coolers in the past. For this reason, they are easily one of the best cooler brands.

As we see with the RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler, this company build some of the most versatile and durable coolers. If you want to buy the best cooler with wheels, this is a great brand to buy from. 


Coleman is one of the world’s leading producer of camping equipment. It is natural, then, that they are also one of the most acclaimed producers of coolers. 

The Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler is a great example of know-how this company has developed throughout the years. They are specifically really great at producing high-quality coolers at a reasonable price.  


GiNT is one of the upcoming stars in the camping manufacturing industry. Outside of coolers with wheels, GiNT also produces many other types of camping gear. They are really best known at making durable camping coolers with wheels that can retain ice for long periods of time. 

The GiNT Rolling Cooler with Handle is a great example of the durability, and overall quality of coolers this brand makes.  


The history of igloo coolers dates all the back to the late 1940s. This makes them one of the original pioneers of the modern cooler. The experience they have gathered throughout the years has become quite apparent. 

The Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler is a great example of this brand’s quality. This is one of the most portable and easily transported coolers with wheels. It holds up really well and also comes at a reasonable price. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Coolers with Wheels

Just with about any sort of product, there are things which you need to keep in mind while shopping around. Although coolers are generally an easy product to understand, there are still some factors to keep in mind you may not be aware of. 

Here are the top factors to keep in mind while shopping around for a new cooler with wheels. 

Cool Storage Space

The storage space of your cooler is probably the most important factor to look for right away. The total amount of space is highly dependent on your own personal needs. 

Although larger storage space sizes can imply that the model is a little more expensive, some of the affordable models like the Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler illustrate that this isn’t always the case. 

Ice Retention Period

The length of time that a cooler can keep ice frozen is better known as the ice retention period. For best results, you need a model that will hold up just long enough for your time out on the go. 

Typically, a good ice retention period is anywhere between 3 – 10 days. Models that retain ice for longer periods of time also tend to cost a little more. You may also use a wheeled cooler bag to increase the ice retention period of your portable utility. 

Wheel Size & Quality

The wheel size and quality will be important for those who will take their cooler out on camping trips where there are no paved roads. Check the tread length of the tires, and that they are built for all different types of terrain. 

Features like puncture-proof tires like what we find in the RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler are ideal for those who need a large cooler with wheels to hold up as long as possible without maintenance issues. 

Resistance to Leaks and Corrosion

Leaks and corrosion are two of the most common problems that people encounter with their cooler. Usually, those who get a hard model like ones we featured above won’t have problems like this. Metal coolers are also a lot more prone to rust than ones made from other hard materials. 

In any case, be sure to check the durability of the cooler in terms of its resistance to common issues like leaks and corrosion. 

Different Types of Coolers with Wheels

Coolers are a pretty simple product to understand. There are no complex motor systems or advanced technology outside of a common person’s realm of understanding.

There are some different types of coolers of wheels to be aware of, though. 

1. Soft Coolers

Soft cooler on wheels is a lot smaller and lightweight than some other coolers with wheels. They are usually really affordable but at the cost of receiving less insulation power.

Soft coolers usually have a light plastic bag-like material covering them. For this reason, we didn’t feature any soft coolers here. 

2. Hard Coolers

Hard coolers have a harder shell covering the storage tank. They are also less prone to common problems in soft coolers such as leaking and low ice retention times.

A typical hard cooler with wheels will come with basic features like a lid, handle, and removable cover. 

3. Versatile Coolers

Versatile coolers are the ones that come with a large set of unique features that are not commonly found in a typical cooler with wheels. Coolers in this category will typically come with features like dry storage, anchor points, cup holders, long-ice retention periods, stronger tires and so on. 

Ready to Get a Nice Cooler with Wheels

To get the best cooler with wheels, you need to first consider what your needs are. Think of how many days that you will need the ice to be frozen, how much food and drinks you need to keep cool, what type of terrain it will be used on, and so on. 

Usually, the best cooler with wheels to start your search with is the RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler. If you are on a tighter budget, though, you might instead consider the Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler

In any case, make sure to consider all the many features and variables that exist so that you can get the best cooler with wheels which perfectly suits your needs and expectations. If you spend a little extra you can typically get more features and durability, but those on tight budgets are still able to get a large cooler with wheels. 

If you’re the type of person who does not like to waste the food. You can consider taking back the remains and use some best food dehydrators to save it for later.

Though you can’t have all the luxury of using an indoor refrigerator  (Frigidaire or similar kind), You can still make your food fresh longer.

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